Come Take A Guided Adventurous Tour
Into The Famous Upper Antelope Canyon

We offer optional tours into 2 exclusive slot canyons allowing you to explore and absorb the beauty of each canyon without feeling crowded or rushed. Our daily 3-Canyon tour package includes Upper Antelope Canyon featuring Owl, and Rattlesnake Canyons.

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**No Children Under 8 Years Old Allowed**

Newly Installed One Way Exit At Upper Antelope Canyon!

Please watch the video below.


Let us show you our backyard!

Which just happens to have 60-foot cliffs carved by natures erosive forces which are still being inhabited by local wildlife. You'll see the same winding paths through slot canyons that the bobcats, coyotes, mice and owls all explore.

We operate on mountain standard time(mst)

We don't accept reservations via phone or email. All reservations must be made on our Sightseer and Photographer pages.