Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

Please scroll down and read through our frequently asked questions. You should be able to find everything you need to know about Adventurous Antelope Canyon Tours and our services. If there is a question you have that isn't listed please contact us at:


Q. Do I need a tour guide? Is it mandatory? Do we have to stay with the tour guide?

Yes, it was mandated by the Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation after the incident that occurred in 1997 and the guide will remain with you at all times.

Q. Do you need a reservation?

We do strongly recommend reservations for any time of the year. While we do take walk-ins, the best way to guarantee that you will be able to take the specific tour you want is by making a reservation.

Q. How do I get to the Upper Antelope Canyon?

You must first obtain a guide from a business permitted tour company, such as ourselves. You will be transported to the Upper Antelope Canyon in a variety of vehicles we possess. Customers are loaded randomly, so we can not guarantee which vehicle you will be in.

Q. How do we find your location?

GPS Coordinates: 36°53'17" N, 111°22'4" We are located on Highway 98, mile marker 302 which is 1 mile east of Indian Rout 222. Our guest parking lot is on the south side of the highway. Our location on Google Maps

Q. When do the Sun beams/light shaft come into the canyon?

They appear May through early part of October. During other times of the year, the changing light still illuminates the interior of the canyons. Sun beams will appear between 10:00am through 1:00pm MST, as long as weather permits.

Q. Is the canyon crowded?

We are operating at 50% capacity as required by the Navajo Nation Parks & Recreation

Q. Temperature in the Canyons?

The temperature is usually five to ten degrees cooler, all year around in the canyons. Dress in layers to accommodate changing temperatures.

Q. What is the difference between Prime Time and Regular Tours?

Prime Time tours have the most sunlight that is possible in the canyon regardless of weather. Regular is the same tour without direct sunlight that lessen the illumination of the canyon.

Q. Is your canyon wheelchair accessible and do you allow service animals?

Due to our location, we are unable to accommodate guests with wheelchairs and apologize for this inconvenience. Animals of any kind, (including service animals) are NOT allowed on the parking lot premises or canyon.

Q. Are there any amenities or facilities at the canyon?

No, there are no bathrooms or convenience shops at the canyons. Before your departure we do have toilets onsite.

Q. Do we need a Special Use Permit, Wedding/Engagement/Anniversary Permit, or a Commercial Permit?

We are a business permitted company that strictly adheres to the Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation policies pertaining to any permits required. Please contact the Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation, Lake Powell Navajo Tribal Park at (928)645-0268 for any information, questions or concerns.

Q. What is the difference between Upper Antelope Canyon versus the Lower Antelope Canyon?

Upper Antelope Canyon - this canyon is above the ground, the canyon walls are in a "A" shape, it is the least strenuous, the length is .25 mile or 402 meters - uneven walking surface at a less than 2% incline
Lower Antelope Canyon - this canyon is below/under ground, the canyon walls are in a "V" shape, it has ladders and is more strenuous. For reservations call Lower Antelope Canyon Tours (928)640-1761






Need To Know

1.Tour Cancellation Request

Please see your confirmation email.

2. No Bag Policy

This means no bags of any kind; ie: no back packs, no purses, no fanny packs, no baby carriers, and no water bags.
On our multiple canyons tours - we do allow a small bag but it remains in the vehicle while in the canyon. (AACT is not responsible for any kind of theft, stolen property, or any damage)

3. Tripod Details

Full Height 69.8" Folded Height, 26.1"

Full Height 72.5" Folded Height, 28.2"

4. Firearms, Traps and other Weapons

A.) The use of traps, seines, hand thrown spears, nets (except landing nets), firearms (including air or gas powered pistols and rifles), blow guns, bows and arrows, or cross bows any other implements which are capable of trapping or destroying animal life is prohibited unless unloaded and adequately cased, dismantled or otherwise packed in such in a way as to prevent their use while in the park.

B.) When authorized by the director of the parks and recreation department licensed guides in charge of pack trains or saddle horse parties may carry firearms for emergency use as stipulated in a written permit.

C.) Authorized federal and Navajo Nation law enforcement officers are authorized to carry firearms in the performance of their official duties within the park.

For any questions or concerns please contact Navajo Parks and Recreations at (928)698-2808.

5.Time in the Canyon

We cannot guarantee the full tour time in the Upper Antelope Canyon as there are five companies that operate in the same limited space. Movement depends on the crowd that is in the canyon at that time.

6. Local Weather

Please use the Weather Channel to check the local weather by using Page, Arizona's weather. The weather is a huge factor when visiting the canyons. Of course, we can not guarantee the sun beams, or the absence of clouds, wind or rain.

7. Transportation

The vehicles we provide are for safe transportation on the highway and sandy roads. Due to the unpredictable environment of the Antelope Canyon wash, the 2.5 mile ride through the desert to the canyon sites will likely be rough and bumpy.

8. Dress Code

Closed end shoes are recommended, and are required for our 3 private canyons. We discourage skirts and dresses due to the ladders and the terrain. We ask our guests to dress modest because we do accomodate families. Canyons can be up to 10 degrees cooler than the external temperature, so layers are recommended for your comfort.

9. Windy Days

If it is windy, we do recommend a hat and handkerchief to cover your nose, mouth and ears. Sand enters the canyon in all directions so photographers please bring a cover for your camera, a plastic shower cap works best.

10. Canyon Closure due to weather

The Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation has the authority to close the park in adverse weather conditions that affect safety. When the park is closed our notification is spontaneous, please cooperate with the instructions of your guide and be prepared to evacuate.